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Blue First

A Christ-centered network which organizes trips, events, and resources for First Responders and their families.

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We have started to make flags to be donated to First responders and Military.  For further information click the button below.

About Us

Blue Firsts purpose is to use nature to bring first responders closer to God and Family.


We at Blue First feel there is a gap in support for the heroes that deal with the everyday stressors of being a First Responder.  Our purpose is to provide resources and support to these warriors who may have fallen between the cracks.  The Blue First Team wants to meet First Responders in their time of need and assist them in having a healthy and joyful life that is possible through a relationship in Jesus Christ.


We want to provide a spiritual and physical respite by hosting locations for First Responders to get away from their daily routine and focus on relaxing, getting refreshed, and focusing on God’s Word.  Blue First will do this by organizing trips, events, and conferences for our First Responders.  This will allow the First Responders to have a time of fellowship and networking with other like-minded individuals.


Are you interested in helping Blue First in the spiritual battle currently raging for our First Responders?  Do you have a desire to see first responders attend conferences, trips, and meetings so we can equip them with the spiritual weapons needed to win the battle?  Please consider making a monetary donation to Blue First (Tax Exempt status pending IRS approval).  If you would like to donate other resources such as physical locations, trips, prizes, and discounts please contact us.  If you are interested in leading a trip, bible study, or conference please contact us!

Our Partners

Also Check out the Lifelines video series about Leadership, Suicide Awareness, and PTSD within the First Responder Community!