The Network

Compiling Resources for our First Responders

While organizing trips and resources for First Responders, a FUTURE goal of Blue First is to develop a network of physical locations throughout the country for First Responders to use.  This network would include resources from individuals in the community and other first responders who have “donated” places to stay, timeshares, bedrooms, or whatever else they have to the use of First Responders and their families.  When the Network is complete, First Responders who are part of the network will be able to travel to the different locations and stay at little of no cost (meals not included). 


For example, when the Network goes live, First Responders can view the resources available on the network (after they signup and are verified).  When you find something that you want to use, you can contact the individual providing the resource through email and provide them with dates and times you would like to visit. The details are then worked out between the two individuals.


If someone wants to donate a resource such as a spare bedroom in their residence, they would contact Blue First with the details.  Blue First would then list the asset on the website along with the details and expectations. Then, if a First Responder on the network decides they want to use my location, they can contact you through the email address you provide.  After you work out the details, the First Responder has a place to stay as they travel through or visit the area.  This will allow First Responders to take vacations at a lower cost and be able to network with other First Responders, churches, and groups around the country.  This will also promote personal networks and support of like-minded Christ followers that can assist the First Responder in their times of need.


Blue First also assists in organizing Bible studies, service projects, day trips, and any other needs that may arise in the first responder community.  Quite simply, we want to compile resources for first responders and their families.  If you are interested in providing a Host Home (or cabin, land, conference center…) please contact Blue First by email with the details.  If you are a nonprofit or business interested in donating resources please let us know.