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More About Us

First Responders hope that you will never know their names because if you do something tragic has happened.  Instead, we fill we should know their names because they are a valued individual made in God’s image!  Our First Responders dedicate their lives to working behind the scenes to keep our families and communities safe.  This comes with sometimes disastrous consequences in their work and home lives.   Blue First feels there is a gap in resources for the heroes that deal with the everyday stressors of the job but are never involved in a specific “high profile” event.  The idea of Cumulative PTSD is coming to the forefront of first responder research and the reality of how many Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Call Takers who might be suffering is staggering. With the climate in the nation being divided towards first responders, the stress and pressure placed on these individuals continues to rise.

The initial idea about Blue First came during a hiking trip in the mountains of Wyoming.  While sitting on a rock admiring the scenery I began to pray.  In talking to my Creator, I felt the stress and worries of my First Responder life slowly fade.  I began to see the faces of my coworkers… my fellow first responders... and felt a deep desire to share the moment with them.  Over the next several years while working as a police officer, my passion to help First Responders continued to grow.  How could I support the first responder community during these trying times, when danger is everywhere and support is often difficult to find?  I thought back to my trips in Wyoming and what a blessing they were in my life. This developed into the idea of Blue First.


Blue First feels that healing in our First Responder communities can be completed by the salvation that Christ alone provides!  Matthew 11:28:  “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (ESV).

We want to meet our First Responders in their time of need and assist them in having a healthy and happy life.  Our goal at Blue First is to provide this “rest” to all first responders who seek it!  We want to provide a spiritual and physical respite by providing places for first responders to get away from their daily routine and focus on God’s love and forgiveness.


If you would like to provide to the network, please contact us through email at nick@bluefirst.net or click on “Contact Us”.  If you are a First Responder and are interesting in attending a trip, leading a trip, or need other resources please let us know. We also need donations to keep this much-needed ministry going.  Please click the "Donate" button below to make a donation.