Wyoming trips

We try to head to the mountains of Wyoming once a year. This is a great time of relaxing and spending some time with our Creator!  This incredible destination features a three story cabin with running water, kitchen, and all the amenities of a house but nestled in the base Laramie Peak!  This is a free trip with a $30 deposit just to save your space.  The deposit will be refunded to you after you return home if you wish!  All you need to worry about is getting there (and we can even help with that if needed).  Contact us for details and further information!

Wyoming Trip.png
Colorado Fishing Trips

We plan Several fishing day trips in the Colorado area each year.  If you are interested please let us know! We have an extra Kayak that you can use!  Most trips are withing driving distance of Colorado Springs.  Contact us for further information.

Fishing Colorado.png